Date: 28.Apr.2011
Posted by: admin

Monarch Theater NYC has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for Moves: SOLO and DRAGGING ISLAND, two Ballet dances to be performed at two dance festivals in New York City in May of 2011. Video from these dance performances will also be used on our website to promote a larger Ballet which includes four choreographers and twenty-four dancers. A first dance production produced by Jennifer Ortega & Monarch Theater NYC.


Via Classical and Contemporary dance techniques, SOLO, a melodramatic dance piece consisting of one dancer, depicts the impact of loneliness on the self and the fantasy associated with its movement through the body.


Developed with six dancers, DRAGGING ISLAND explores the impact of emotion and change as movement reveals the beautiful sensation of transformation.

Our goal is to raise $3500 in 30 days, and we won’t receive any of the donations pledged to us unless we raise our entire goal amount, so donate today and help us get there!

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