Mondays at Monarch – September

Date: 4.Sep.2012
Posted by: admin

This month’s Mondays at Monarch reading series will feature the work of playwright Diana Delgado. 

After the Fire mixes poetic language with realism to explore the most primal states of human existence through a series of fractured monologues. Set in the “interstices” the play is an expressionistic foray into the lives of Arthur, a kite brought down by a gale; Angela, part of the ocean; The Old Woman, Arthur’s mother; Crazycake, a feminist vigilante; and Albert, a man standing beneath a green light. Employing minimal stage directions, the play begins in media res, with Albert lighting a cigarette and asking his audience, “I want to know if you’re going to record this—or if you’re gonna take a chance and just try and remember what I’m about to tell you.” From there, the plot alternates, revealing each characters’ connective past in a dream-like meditation of family, taboo and authenticity of memory.


This is a closed reading.