Mondays at Monarch | November 2013

Date: 12.Nov.2013
Posted by: admin

This month, Monarch Theater NYC will be presenting a closed round-table reading of Diana Delgado’s play After the Fire in preparation for a full workshop production, which Monarch will be producing in January 2014.

After the Fire
by Diana Delgado

After the Fire is a surreal poem- for the stage.  Manifesting an intense lyricism and transformative vision in the tradition of magical realism, the play maintains a naturalistic tone as it explores the lives of Chicanos from the San Gabriel Valley who perish in a house fire:  Arthur (a kite brought down by a gale), The Old Woman (Arthur’s mother), Angela (sand at the bottom of the ocean).  Beginning in media res, the plot shifts and alternates, employing techniques similar to the leaps taken in surrealist poetry, “a leap from the known part of the mind to the unknown part and back to the known”- revealing each character’s life as a dream-like meditation.  As situations telescope, and whole epochs of experience are eliminated, a story emerges, an outline of how after death what “happened” continues to haunt us.

This is a closed reading.  To attend, or for more information, email