Mondays at Monarch – June 2013

Date: 3.Jun.2013
Posted by: admin

Our Mondays at Monarch selection for the month of June is Brian Alessandro’s new play My Ego Sometimes Trips Up My Wisdom.

My Ego Sometimes Trips Up My Wisdom

Eighty-five-year-old Dr. Rafael Gödel is treating Felix Hopper, a 35-year old gay writer, for having unreasonable expectations. Dr. Gödel has trouble understanding the newly minted mental illnesses known as “entitlement” and “disappointment” as Felix tries to cope with a recent string of romantic and professional failures.  Through a series of unorthodox and potentially provocative psychotherapeutic techniques (including an isolated period of meditation in Antarctica), Dr. Gödel guides Felix through a rather resistant process of detachment from life’s illusions and the youngish writer’s own tenacious desires and regrets. Dr. Gödel also unexpectedly faces his own resentments and reflections during a curious bout of counter-transference.

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