Mondays at Monarch – January

Date: 22.Feb.2013
Posted by: admin

January’s Mondays at Monarch featured the work of playwright Ken Nielsen.

1989 (or Fighting Was His Element)

It’s the spring and fall of 1989.  The Soviet Union is about to collapse and Karl, a Danish communist and union organizer, has disappeared from his housing development on a mission to assassinate Michael Gorbachev, Secretary General of the USSR. Far away, in the U.S.A. his estranged son, Fred, learns of Karl’s disappearance. He convinces his reluctant mother, Viola, that they have to find Karl, and the mother and son duo embarks on a journey back to the “old world” and, in doing so, are forced to reckon with the consequences of the dream and reality Communism in their lives and in the history of the continent. On their journey, Fred and Viola wrestle with the living ghost of Communism and the history of their family.