La Misiva de Poborsky By Maickel Ronzino & Miguel Hernández

Date: 14.Sep.2010
Posted by: admin

Let’s French and Spanish New York up!

As a French student, newcomer in the city, fond of arts and really broke after spending the few bucks I had in my pocket on the taxi from the airport to the hostel, the metro card and the international calls from my family and friends on my cell phone, I decided to search for free artistic stuff to do in the Big Apple.

After a few Internet researches, I turned on to a theater play on the 2nd avenue : La Misiva de Poborsky. This Spanish play reading is part of the Authors’ Voice project which proposes you to be part of the birth of new Spanish and English plays. You will attend an original performance where the four actors will present you the work of Maickel Ronzino and Miguel Hernández on stage for the first time. Sara, Alberto (Sara’s ex husband), and Guillermo (Sara’s new husband), the three main characters, are stuck in a bathroom and can only escape boredom and fight thanks to the 7th art, by playing, among other things, the roles of each other.

If, like me, you have a basic knowledge of Spanish left from High School, you will understand the most part of the play, but note that since it is a play reading, there is not a lot of situation comedy, except for a few role changes. As a consequence, for the non Spanish speakers, please, refrain.

For the rest of you, you will enjoy the acting, the levity of the dialogues, and the intimacy established by the size of the theatre and the stage proximity.

However, you might not appreciate the distance between the actors, who have their noses in their notes, and the public (this is the risk of a play reading) ; but this will make you want to see how the play will look like when the actors have learnt their text, when they can play with their body and when the production is finalized. This play reading will enable you to practice your imagination and to walk in a real producer’s shoes!

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