These Troubled Times – Upcoming Readings!

Date: 17.Mar.2014
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Monarch Theater NYC will be co-presenting upcoming readings of Troy Diana’s play These Troubled Times with Long Island University Brooklyn and City Tech Brooklyn.

These Troubled Times
by Troy Diana
These Troubled Times centers around openly gay Uncle Charles on the weekend he is watching his niece and nephew.  He not only has to contend with a nosy homophobic neighbor, but what could possibly be an alien invasion as well.

Long Island University – Brooklyn
April 16th, 2014 – 4pm and 6pm
April 24th, 2014 – 3pm

City Tech College Brooklyn
April 30, 2014 – 11:30am
May 2, 2014 – 9:30am and 11:30am

For more information:  info@monarchtheater.org

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AFTER THE FIRE workshop @ Intar Theatre

Date: 6.Jan.2014
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This month Monarch Theater NYC will be producing a workshop production of Diana Delgado’s play AFTER THE FIRE @ Intar Theatre. After the Fire  Copy Image 11 2013 b (1)


AFTER THE FIRE written by Diana Marie Delgado
co-directed by Diana Marie Delgado and Martin Balmaceda

“Mistakes are made and are scattered into forever.”

Where:  INTAR Theatre (500 W. 52nd St., 4th Fl.)
When:  Saturday, January 18th @ 7pm
              Sunday, January 19th @ 4pm


To RSVP for a free ticket, email info@monarchtheater.org with your name, the date you’d like to attend, and the number of tickets you’d like.

About the Play

After the Fire is a poem-performance-novella-for the stage.  The play conflates fractured monologues and dissolving scenes to explore the lives of:  Arthur (a kite brought down by a gale), The Old Woman (Arthur’s Mother), and Angela (sand at the bottom of the ocean).  Beginning in media res, the plot continuously shifts and alternates, revealing bits and pieces of each character to build a dream-like meditation about how even after death what “happened” continues to arrest us.

About the Playwright

Diana Marie Delgado, poet and playwright, grew up in the San Gabriel Valley.  A graduate of the poetry programs at the University of California-Riverside and Columbia University.  Her poetry collection Late-Night Talks With Men I Think I Trust was a finalist for the 2012 Andres Montoya Poetry Prize.  The recipient of the 2010 Letras Latinas Residency Fellowship, she attended the 2011 Monarch Theater Playwriting Workshop and worked under Migdalia Cruz and John Jesurun.  Her play Desire Road was given a staged reading at La MaMa La Galleria in NYC in 2011 and was published in PALABRA Magazine (Issue 8 2012).  In addition, the play, later titled, After the Fire, was a finalist for the 2011 La MaMa ETC’s Ellen Stewart Emerging Playwright Award.

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Mondays at Monarch | November 2013

Date: 12.Nov.2013
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This month, Monarch Theater NYC will be presenting a closed round-table reading of Diana Delgado’s play After the Fire in preparation for a full workshop production, which Monarch will be producing in January 2014.

After the Fire
by Diana Delgado

After the Fire is a surreal poem- for the stage.  Manifesting an intense lyricism and transformative vision in the tradition of magical realism, the play maintains a naturalistic tone as it explores the lives of Chicanos from the San Gabriel Valley who perish in a house fire:  Arthur (a kite brought down by a gale), The Old Woman (Arthur’s mother), Angela (sand at the bottom of the ocean).  Beginning in media res, the plot shifts and alternates, employing techniques similar to the leaps taken in surrealist poetry, “a leap from the known part of the mind to the unknown part and back to the known”- revealing each character’s life as a dream-like meditation.  As situations telescope, and whole epochs of experience are eliminated, a story emerges, an outline of how after death what “happened” continues to haunt us.

This is a closed reading.  To attend, or for more information, email info@monarchtheater.org.

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These Troubled Times by Troy Diana

Date: 29.Oct.2013
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This month, Monarch’s Artistic Director, Jennifer Ortega, will be directing Troy Diana’s play These Troubled Times as part of the Ryan Rep Company Family Time Program at Long Island University.

These Troubled Times
by Troy Diana

These Troubled Times centers around openly gay Uncle Charles who is watching his niece and nephew while his brother and sister in law are on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary.  He not only has to contend with the nosy homophobic neighbor, but an alien invasion as well.

More information on this to come!

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Mondays at Monarch | October 2013

Date: 9.Oct.2013
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This month’s new play reading will be Michael McGoldrick’s SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES.Special Snowflakes

by Michael McGoldrick
Monday, October 28th @ 7pm | Simple Studios (134 W. 29th St., 2nd Fl.)

Because Spencer and Chase believe themselves to be superior individuals, they are both astonished that each has entered his mid-twenties and somehow failed in his respective career-path. Enter Daniel, a former High School classmate who has attained a sense of purpose and contentment with life that the other two lack. This breeds resentment in Chase. Tension simmers and then erupts explosively.


This reading is FREE and open to the public.  For more information or to make a reservation, please email info@monarchtheater.org

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Mondays at Monarch – September 2013

Date: 19.Sep.2013
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This month’s Mondays at Monarch selection is an English translation of Castilian playwright Guillem Clua’s SMILEY, translated by Marion Peter Holt. Monarch is thrilled to be working with this remarkable playwright again! This will be a closed round-table reading, more info to come.

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Mondays at Monarch – June 2013

Date: 3.Jun.2013
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Our Mondays at Monarch selection for the month of June is Brian Alessandro’s new play My Ego Sometimes Trips Up My Wisdom.

My Ego Sometimes Trips Up My Wisdom

Eighty-five-year-old Dr. Rafael Gödel is treating Felix Hopper, a 35-year old gay writer, for having unreasonable expectations. Dr. Gödel has trouble understanding the newly minted mental illnesses known as “entitlement” and “disappointment” as Felix tries to cope with a recent string of romantic and professional failures.  Through a series of unorthodox and potentially provocative psychotherapeutic techniques (including an isolated period of meditation in Antarctica), Dr. Gödel guides Felix through a rather resistant process of detachment from life’s illusions and the youngish writer’s own tenacious desires and regrets. Dr. Gödel also unexpectedly faces his own resentments and reflections during a curious bout of counter-transference.

For more information about this reading, email info@monarchtheater.org

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Date: 2.May.2013
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Our Mondays at Monarch new play selection for May will be SURVIVAL by German Baruffi.

SURVIVAL by German Baruffi
Jacob, an 85 year old Holocaust survivor, and Gloria, his Dominican home attendant, struggle, collide and fight as they are confronted with dark secrets from the past that marked them and allowed them to survive…at least till today.

Tuesday, May 14th @ 7pm

This is a closed developmental reading and is by invitation only.

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Mondays at Monarch – April

Date: 1.Apr.2013
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Our Mondays at Monarch new play reading for April will be Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? by Philip Dallman.

Sanka, Ya Dead Mon? follows Ben and his journey with the movie Cool Runnings, through which he finds out what is truly important in life.

Monday, April 8th @ 7pm
115 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012
Take the A,C,E,B,F or M to West 4th Street, the R train to 8th Street,
or the 1 train to Christopher Street

To rsvp:  email info@monarchtheater.org!


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Mondays at Monarch – March

Date: 18.Mar.2013
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This month, Monarch Theater NYC has the pleasure of providing a
cold read of Guillem Clua’s Promised Land, translated by Marion Peter Holt and directed by Melanie Sutherland.  This cold read will help prepare the team for their upcoming reading of Promised Land, which will take place as part of the PEN World Voices Festival at the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center in April.

by Guillem Clua
translated by Marion Peter Holt

Promised Land is a farce on the subject of climate change and the inefficiency of international organizations to stop its terrible consequences. The play is set in the future at the United Nations headquarters in New York City and tells the story of the president and the diplomatic delegation of a fictitious country, Malvati, that is about to sink under the sea. Comedy, melodrama, political intrigue and mythology intertwine to make Promised Land one of Guillem Clua’s more reality-aware plays but also one of his funniest.  Although an array of characters appear in the play, the script requires only four actors.  Clua has given the roles of the mythological Malvati, one self-satified UN official, and some twenty-five delegates from different countries to a single actor. It can only be called an actor’s tour-de-force.

Guillem Clua
Although Guillem Clua is one of the most promising voices in a new generation of Catalan playwrights born in the 1970s, he was still considered marginal in his native Barcelona until the critically-acclaimed production of his epic play Marburg at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya in 2010.  The following year his taut and chilling chamber musical Killer, with a score by Xavier Mestres, became a resounding success in Barcelona and has since been staged abroad.  In 2012 he completed Promised Land, in which he combines comedy, pungent political satire, and mythology  to create a provocative play about the consequences of climate change.  His irresistible gay comedy Smiley: A Love Story opened in November 2012 at Barcelona’s fringe Sala FlyHard—a tiny theatre that has become the proving ground for innovative plays by leading young Catalan playwrights. The sell-out and critically-praised production later moved to the Teatre Lliure for an addional month, and is currently enjoying a run at a commercial theatre on the Ramblas.  In March 2013 another new play, Invasion, opened in Madrid.  Clua is best known abroad for his earlier disturbing  political drama Skin in Flames, which has had five productions to date in the United States.

Marion Peter Holt
Marion Peter Holt is a writer and a translator of contemporary Catalan and Spanish theatre.  His translations of plays by Buero-Vallejo, López Rubio, Skármeta, and other dramatists have been staged in New York and London, and by regional and university theatres throughout the United States, including Baltimore’s Center Stage, the Wilma Theatre, Chicago’s Bailiwick Repertory,  the Atlanta Alliance Theatre, the San Jose Repertory Company, and the San Diego Repertory.  In June, 2010, his translation of Sergi Belbel’s Blood  had its Australian premiere at TheatreWorks-Melbourne.  His most recent translations are Guillem Clua’s acclaimed  Marburg, which is featured in the spring 2011 issue of TheatreForum, and Clua’s provocative farce on climate change, Promised Land.  He is an emeritus professor of Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center and has been a visiting lecturer at the Yale School of Drama, Hunter College, and Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre.  He is a member of the Dramatists Guild.

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